Netmar 30-day Money Back Guarantee

Netmar offers a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on our services. If you are not satisfied with the level of service and support you receive from Netmar, you may cancel your account within 30 days, and your money will be refunded.

The terms of this guarantee are as follows:

  • Guarantee does not cover domain registrations.  Domains remain the property of the customer under all circumstances, and any domains registered through Netmar can be used with any other web hosting company.
  • Guarantee does not include custom scripting, software development, or design work.
  • Guarantee does not cover any account closed due to a violation of either the Netmar Terms of Service or the Acceptable Use Policy.




Netmar 99.97% Uptime Guarantee

Netmar SLA (Paraphrased)

Section 1: Definitions

This section of the document defines terms which might be slightly complicated, which are then used throughout the document. Examples of these terms are "Netmar's Network" and "the Internet". In essence, this defines what is and is not part of Netmar's guarantee of service; for example, Netmar cannot be held responsible for Internet connectivity beyond our own network and our Internet Links. It also makes the distinction between what is network equipment and what is server hardware (everything up to the ethernet plug is network equipment, everything beyond that, including the ethernet card is server hardware). These differences are important to note when claiming credit.

Section 2: Network Accessibility

The guarantees in this section deal with networking:
We guarantee that your server will be available on the internet 99.97% of a billing cycle. Given a 30 day month, this equals 780 seconds of downtime per month, beyond which a user receives downtime credit at a rate of 5% of their monthly fee for each hour of downtime.
We guarantee that your server won't drop more than 1% of its packets sent due to our network, and the reimbursement for this is 5% per percentage point above 1%.
We guarantee that your average lag time will be less than 1ms inside our network and 100 ms to and from the internet. Again, credit for this is 5% of the monthly fee in any month in which we don't meet this requirement.

Section 3: Hardware Operability

This section deals with your (the customer's) Server:
We guarantee that, when a piece of hardware fails in your server, we'll figure out what it is. Once we know what part is broken, we'll have a replacement in the server in 2 hours. We can't count time that it takes us to re-mirror drives on raid arrays, it just wouldn't be fair, since it can take hours to image a 250GB raid array. Each hour of downtime past 2 nets the customer 5%.
We also guarantee that we'll provide a good home for your server, and take care of the AC, heating, air quality, and all of the environment variables.

Section 4: Claiming Credit

This section has everything you need to know about how to receive credit due as a result of downtime covered in the SLA.
It covers what you have to do in order to notify Netmar of the downtime and the credit due, as well as covering a number of situations in which customers are not eligible for credit (such as scheduled downtime and customers who owe us money in backpay). It also specifically states that you can't get credit beyond your monthly fee, and that you can't get credit for one instance of downtime under two sections of the SLA (no double-dipping).

Section 5: Authoritative Version of the SLA

In this part of the SLA is a simple statement that, if we change the SLA, the latest version is the official document, and it will always be available at