How do I create new email addresses?

Overview: You can setup an unlimited number of virtual email addresses in your domain that end in for your domain name. Each of these addresses (called email aliases) will then receive email and forward it to an email box of your choosing, anywhere on the Internet.
With this feature, your one single email account can receive email sent to any of several email addresses. For instance, email sent to and could be directed to your email box, while mail sent to could be sent to your co-worker.

Before Beginning
Assemble a list of email addresses you want to create including, for each one, where mail sent there should be redirected. NOTE that you WILL NOT be creating a separate physical email BOX for each of these addresses. These addresses are just forwarding locations. Mail sent to each one will be forwarded to a real email box.
Follow these steps
  1. Login by telnet to your Netmar account by following the instructions on Question 1.9
  2. At the netmar> prompt, type:

    "edit .aliasmap"

    and press ENTER. You are now in a regular text editor in which you will enter your aliases. Enter the first address you wish to create, followed by a colon, then the email address to which that alias should be directed. Do not type any spaces on the line. Press ENTER.

    Type the second alias, followed by a colon, then the destination address. Be sure not to type any spaces. Press ENTER.

    Continue in this manner until you've entered all of your addresses.

    If you make a mistake, you can use the BACKSPACE and arrow keys to move around and make corrections.

  3. Type CONTROL-X (hold down the CONTROL key and press the letter X key).
  4. Type Y (to answer yes to the save question).
  5. Press ENTER (to use the filename you already typed).
  6. Your changes will take effect at 1:00 AM US/Eastern time.