I cannot retrieve my website data by FTP, but my site is still visible on the web.
Follow these steps
  1. Telnet to login.netmar.com.
    Windows 95/98
    Select Start->Run (click on the Start menu and then click on Run...) and type "telnet login.netmar.com" into the run box.
    Start your telnet program and connect to login.netmar.com.
    Type "telnet login.netmar.com" at the Unix prompt.
    Click here to try a backup method.
  2. Enter your 3-8 character Netmar username when you reach the login prompt. Please note that this is ONLY a 3 to 8 character single word in all lowercase letters with no spaces. You selected it when you ordered your account. It is indicated at the top right-hand corner of any of your invoices and is also shown in the introductory email you were sent when your account was first setup.
  3. Enter your password when prompted. Your password will not appear on the screen when typed, so please type carefully.
  4. If this is your first time logging in to your account via telnet, press the SPACE bar to page through the introductory messages.
  5. At the "netmar>" prompt, type "cd www" and press ENTER.
  6. At the next prompt, type "sitecopy URL", where URL is the website address of your current website, and press ENTER. For instance, if your current website were http://apples.com/, you would type "sitecopy http://apples.com".
  7. Follow the onscreen instructions. If the introductory text is more than one screen in length, press the SPACE bar to advance to the next page. When complete, type "exit" and press ENTER to logout.
  8. Test your Netmar website using the basic URL's give to you in your introductory email message. These are "http://netmar.com/~username/" or "http://netmar.com/users/username", where "username" is your 3-8 character Netmar username (login ID).
  9. Fill out a Domain Name Registration Template to Modify your existing domain name to point it to your Netmar website. If your domain name ends in .COM, .NET, or .ORG, you will be using the standard template.
  10. Your Netmar website will be active within 3-5 working days.