How do I even get to a netmar> prompt and what good is it?

Overview: Netmar systems utilize the Unix operating system. This system provides a command line interface, like DOS, where you can enter commands at the prompt through the keyboard and receive a response after your commands are executed.
You can do just about ANYTHING from this prompt. Every feature available in your Netmar account can be utilized to its fullest from this prompt.

Before Beginning
If you're reading a printed or saved version of this document, connect to the Internet and verify your connection by pulling up our homepage at
Follow these steps
  1. Login via ssh. (see Question 1.9)
  2. If this is your first time logging in, read the introductory messages that will be shown. Press the SPACE bar to advance to the next screenful of information or the letter B key to go backwards. The information in these messages is saved for you, so you don't have to copy anything down.
  3. After you have read all of the messages, you will be shown your first netmar> prompt. You can enter any of the commands listed in the messages you just read or any other regular Unix command.

prompt and what good is it?