How do I register a domain name just to "park" it?

Overview: A domain name allows you to load your homepage using a short, and easy to remember URL address, such as or any other short name.

Sometimes, you may want to reserve a domain name before you actually put it into use, since putting it to use on a web site would cause you to incur additional monthly fees.

Netmar allows you to "park" a domain name by paying only the regular setup fee and no additional monthly fee. A "parked" domain name will show the homepage of one of your existing Virtual Servers (domains). You must have at least one existing Virtual Server in order to park a domain name.

Before Beginning
Determine the domain name you want. PLEASE NOTE that a domain name DOES NOT have a leading www.. Netmar's registered domain name is just and NOT

Verify that the name you want is available by going to and entering the name you want to check in the search box.

Follow these steps
  1. Go to and select the appropriate form.
  2. Be sure to include your Netmar username when you fill in the form as that is REQUIRED information.
  3. In the DocumentRoot box, enter the words same asfollowed by the domain name of your EXISTING Virtual Server under which you want THIS domain name parked. For instance, if you had already, and were registering to be parked under it, you would enter same as in the DocumentRoot box.
  4. Submit the form when completed. Depending on the type of domain you register, it should generally be functioning in 2-10 days.