How do I find out how much disk space I am using?

Overview: All Netmar accounts are priced based on the amount of disk space required by the data housed. All accounts are assigned a quota when created, indicating the maximum expected disk space usage. These are the figures Netmar users to plan resource usage.
When an account goes over its quota, it causes us to have to make unexpected adjustments to our resource planning, and thus, such overages are charged a much higher rate than they would be if the quota was simply increased.
This charge can be avoided by knowing your usage and quota, and increasing your quota if you have or are about to exceed it.

Before Beginning
If you're reading a printed or saved version of this document, connect to the Internet and verify your connection by pulling up our homepage at
Follow these steps
  1. Login via ssh. (see Question 1.9)
  2. You will be immediately shown, prior to the first prompt, your current disk usage for your account. If it is over your quota, you will be shown an additional warning message.
  3. If you have accessory accounts, however, the above notice does not include usage for them. At the netmar> prompt, type
    du -hs
    and press ENTER to show the total disk usage for your account and all your accessory accounts.