How do I receive email at my website's domain name?

Overview: When you register a domain name (e.g., you have control over a number of aspects of that domain. One thing you can do is reference your existing email account at Netmar through that domain.
Before Beginning
Confirm that your new domain name is active and working properly on the web. Additionally, be aware that there may be as much as a 3-4 day delay on getting new registration data online. So if your account and domain name are both new, you may just need to wait for all of the data to get updated.
Follow these steps
  1. When you signed up for your account, the email address (where "user" is your Netmar username) immediately became valid. Now, is already valid, and you can send mail there. If that's all you want to do, you're done. There is no need to proceed further.
  2. By default, all mail sent to your Netmar account is forwarded to the email address you gave us when you ordered your account. You can disable this by logging in via telnet or FTP and deleting the .forward file in your home directory.

    To do this, by telnet, login (see Question 1.9) and, at the netmar> type:

    and press ENTER.

  3. You can then retrieve this mail using the instructions in Question 6.