How do I get my mail from the server?

Overview: Netmar provides what is called POP3 (stands for Post Office Protocol 3) access as well as IMAP to your email box here on the server. POP3 allows you to download the contents of your mailbox to your computer and store them there, while IMAP stores mail on the server.

Before Beginning
Make sure you have a mail client program. Common programs include Thunderbird, Pegasus Mail, and Microsoft Outlook, among others.
Follow these steps
  1. Find the program's configuration screen(s) (consult your software documentation if you're not sure how to do this).
  2. Most mail programs use 3 separate boxes for the information we are about to enter.
  3. Locate the box with a label similar to POP3/IMAP Server or POP3/IMAP Hostname. In that box, type:
  4. Locate the box with a label similar to  Username or  login (or just username or login). In that box, enter your 3 to 8 character Netmar username in ALL lowercase letters. Please note that this is ONLY a 3 to 8 character single word in all lowercase letters with no spaces. You selected it when you ordered your account. It is indicated at the top right-hand corner of any of your invoices and is also shown in the introductory email you were sent when your account was first setup.
  5. Locate the Password box. Enter your Netmar password there. Please note that the password assigned to you by Netmar is a random sequence of lowercase letters and numbers WITH NO SPACES. It will probably not appear as you type, so type carefully.
  6. That's it. You're done. You can now check your mail using your software. Note: If you check your mail and it is empty, it may be because you haven't deleted your .forward file and the mail is still going to the email address you gave us with your order. See Question 3.