How do I login to my account via ssh?


Before Beginning
Make sure your computer has a telnet client program and that your have direct telnet access to the Internet. If you have a PC with Windows 95/98, then you probably have the software. If you're not sure if you have direct telnet access to the Internet, ask your local network administrator or ISP support.
Follow these steps
  1. SSH to
    Start putty (can be downloaded from here) and connect to
    Start your ssh program and connect to
    Type "ssh" at the Unix prompt.
  2. Enter your 3-8 character Netmar username when you reach the login prompt. Please note that this is ONLY a 3 to 8 character single word in all lowercase letters with no spaces. You selected it when you ordered your account. It is indicated at the top right-hand corner of any of your invoices and is also shown in the introductory email you were sent when your account was first setup.
  3. Enter your password when prompted. Your password will not appear on the screen when typed, so please type carefully.
  4. When you reach the prompt, the system is ready to accept commands and you are logged in. You can logout at any time by typing "exit" at the prompt.