How do I use the free SSL secure server?

Overview: All documents on the server that can be accessed by the web server can also be accessed by the SSL secure web server. This allows use of the secure server with little or no modification to your existing documents.

Follow these steps
  1. Update links that point to the page you want to secure. The links should use the following format:
    Replace username in the above with your Netmar username.
    Replace dir/file.html in the above with the full filepath to the file you want to reference starting from your www directory. For instance, if the file is:
    /users/u/username/www/fruit/apple.html, you would use the URL:
  2. Change image references ON the page you are securing to be RELATIVE. This means that they DO NOT start with http://.
  3. Change links ON the page you are securing to be ABSOLUTE so that they will switch the user back to the regular server afterwards. This means that the links should start with
    If the page you are securing is an order form, switch the links on the followup page to be absolute.