How do I setup new websites with separate domains?

Overview: Netmar allows you to host any number of websites in a SINGLE Netmar account. You DO NOT need to get a separate Netmar account for each website you host. This allows you to aggregate your total diskspace purchase and buy just a single larger block of diskspace, instead of several smaller ones, saving you money.

Follow these steps
  1. Fill out a Domain Name Registration Template to register your domain name and point it to your Netmar account. If your domain name ends in .COM, .NET, or .ORG, you will be using the standard template.
  2. Create a directory for your new website in your accounts www directory. The name of the directory should be the same as the first part of the domain name. For instance, if your domain name is, you would create the directory apples in your wwwYour new website will be active within 3-5 working days.