How do I restore files I have accidentally deleted?

Overview: The Unix filesystem does not have an undelete feature as is available in PC DOS. However, Netmar backs up all data on its network regularly, including all user website data. We can provide a snapshot of any of your files from any of the past 60 days.

Before Beginning
Determine the exact location of the files you actually deleted and the EXACT date of the last modifications saved by our systems. Backups are done at 11pm US/Eastern Time every night. Please tell us during what backup the files were last intact.
Follow these steps
  1. Determine the FULL PATHNAME for each file to be restored. The full pathname for your www directory is /users/u/username/www (where username is your 3-8 character Netmar username and u is the first letter of that). The full pathname for file abc.jpg in your www directory is /users/u/username/www/abc.jpg.
  2. Determine the last full day that the files were intact. A full day ends at 11pm US/Eastern Time, when our backup starts.
  3. Email us at with the above information. Please be sure to include your username and account number with the request.