How do I make customized Error Pages (e.g. 404 etc.)?

Overview: When a user requests a missing or prohibited document, runs a broken CGI script, or otherwise makes an illegal request, the Web server issues an error response to the browser. This response can be customized on any Netmar website served by a Virtual Server.

Before Beginning
Select which type of error for which you wish to setup a custom error page. The following error codes and types are supported:
Code Description
400 Bad Request
401 Authentication Required / Password Incorrect
403 Permission Denied - File/Directory is not accessible
404 Document Not Found
500 Server Error (almost always a CGI Script Error)
501 Request Type Not Implemented
Follow these steps
  1. Create a webpage that informs the user of the error condition. Be sure to use absolute links for images and links on that page.
  2. Name the file XXX-error.html, where XXX is the three digit error code for the type of code you want to address.
  3. Upload your webpage file to your www directory (see Question 1.1) or to the DocumentRoot directory of your Virtual Server (see Question 2.5).
  4. Repeat for other error codes, if desired.